Sonic FM is a collaboration between a number of media professionals whose work with audio includes radio, recording, sound for film and TV and live sound for theatre and P.A.

Sonic FM is currently producing The Riff, the online radio station of The International Guitar Festival of Great Britain.

Go to The Riff website to hear Guitar Festival music, information and interviews.

Get in touch to find out how we could stream your music or sports event, debate, or conference live on your website or via a link on your social network.


As more people get rid of their tape machines, we've held on to ours. As a result Sonic FM has been recently helping Radio City transfer some of their 35 years of archive material into digital format for playout.

Our productions for radio stations include two Christmas carol services which were recorded on location using multiple microphones and digitally mixed, recorded and edited.

Equipment Hire

Sonic FM can supply all the studio equipment you need for your RSL. Everything from playout software and on-air mixers to microphones and studio monitors. We can also run training sessions for your presenters/producers.


We have advised and worked on a number of RSLs, providing a range of services and support including writing and producing station imaging.

Commercial Production

Radio ads written, voiced or produced by Sonic FM have been broadcast on a number of commercial stations and RSLs.

Presenter Training and Making a Demo

Email training to find out more about training in a professional radio studio.

In short, Sonic FM can supply everything from a microphone to a full radio station.

So, whether your next project is a radio commercial, an outside broadcast, or anything else where the sound really matters, contact us to see what we can do for you.

For more information
Phone: 07703 905 746